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 Can My Wife Get Money for Second Hand Asbestos Exposure?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who worked closely with asbestos, you have what is referred to as primary exposure to this toxic material. When you would return home after a long day of working around asbestos dust, family members sharing your home would become at risk of secondary asbestos exposure. This is because asbestos dust, undetectable to the human eye, would travel inside your home with you via your clothing, hair, and shoes.

The dangers of asbestos exposure may have a latency period of up to 50 years in some cases. This can sometimes make it difficult to trace back your illness to the time you spent around asbestos. If your spouse has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases, they can file a claim to access some of the $30 billion dollars sitting in asbestos trust funds.

Domestic Asbestos Exposure

This is an excerpt from a research study on the dangers of living with an individual that worked closely with asbestos on a regular basis. This study concludes that spouses, especially those who were in charge of laundry, were at high risk for developing asbestos-related diseases:

Inhalation of asbestos resulting from living with and handling the clothing of workers directly exposed to asbestos has been established as a possible contributor to disease. This review evaluates epidemiologic studies of asbestos-related disease or conditions (mesothelioma, lung cancer, and pleural and interstitial abnormalities) among domestically exposed individuals and exposure studies that provide either direct exposure measurements or surrogate measures of asbestos exposure. A meta-analysis of studies providing relative risk estimates (n = 12) of mesothelioma was performed, resulting in a summary relative risk estimate (SRRE) of 5.02 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 2.48–10.13). This SRRE pertains to persons domestically exposed via workers involved in occupations with a traditionally high risk of disease from exposure to asbestos (i.e., asbestos product manufacturing workers, insulators, shipyard workers, and asbestos miners). The epidemiologic studies also show an elevated risk of interstitial, but more likely pleural, abnormalities (n = 6), though only half accounted for confounding exposures. The studies are limited with regard to lung cancer (n = 2). Several exposure-related studies describe results from airborne samples collected within the home (n = 3), during laundering of contaminated clothing (n = 1) or in controlled exposure simulations (n = 5) of domestic exposures, the latter of which were generally associated with low-level chrysotile-exposed workers. Lung burden studies (n = 6) were also evaluated as a surrogate of exposure. In general, available results for domestic exposures are lower than the workers’ exposures. Recent simulations of low-level chrysotile-exposed workers indicate asbestos levels commensurate with background concentrations in those exposed domestically.

All of this to say, people who worked with asbestos would unknowingly carry these dangerous asbestos dust particles around with them after they left work. When these particles became inhaled or ingested by their spouses, they became embedded in their soft tissue. This led to many different illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and asbestosis.

We Represent Victims of Secondary Asbestos Exposure

Our experienced asbestos trust fund attorneys have decades of experience working with clients that have been exposed to asbestos. Our team has streamlined the process of applying for as many trusts as you qualify for to take the stress off of you. We will help you navigate the process of filing for these claims and handle all of the paperwork to make it as simple as possible. We only accept payment if we are able to get you a financial recovery.

Free Asbestos Exposure Consultation in United States

At Sammons & Berry, P.C. we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, so you can discuss the facts of your case without paying for anything upfront. Asbestos trusts claims do not require a lawsuit, depositions, or courtrooms. The process is simple and easy for the client and should not require any stressful legal confrontations for the client. The law firm handles all of the claims for the client, helping you maximize your compensation.

We do not accept any payments from our clients until they receive compensation. We charge on a contingent fee basis, which means you pay a percentage of what you get paid in your claim. If we are unable to collect anything for you, there is no cost to you.

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Wrongful Death Claims For Families of Asbestos Victims

If you have lost someone in your family due to the harmful exposure of asbestos, you may be entitled to compensation. If you can provide the work history and a death certificate for your loved one, our attorneys can help you file an asbestos claim. We understand how difficult this process can be, this is why we work with you every step of the way to help you get the money you deserve. Reach out to our team today to learn more about filing a claim for a family member.


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