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 How Much Money Do Asbestos Victims Get?

The amount of money that asbestos victims receive can vary widely and depends on several factors, including the severity of their illness, the extent of exposure, the responsible parties, and the jurisdiction in which the lawsuit is filed. Asbestos victims typically seek compensation through legal claims, such as personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death claims, if the victim has passed away due to asbestos-related diseases.

While the settlement amount varies from case to case, here are some key factors that influence the amount of compensation:

  • Type and Stage of Illness: The type and stage of asbestos-related illness, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, or lung cancer, will significantly impact the compensation. Generally, more severe and advanced cases may receive higher compensation amounts.
  • Medical Costs: The medical expenses incurred due to asbestos-related illnesses, including treatments, hospitalization, medications, and ongoing care, are taken into account when determining compensation.
  • Lost Wages and Future Earnings: Asbestos victims may be compensated for the income they lost due to their illness, as well as potential future earnings that they will be unable to earn due to the illness’s impact on their ability to work.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation may also include damages for the physical pain, emotional distress, and suffering caused by the asbestos-related illness.
  • Responsible Parties: The number of liable parties and their degree of fault can influence the compensation amount. This may include asbestos manufacturers, suppliers, employers, or other entities responsible for exposing individuals to asbestos.
  • Jurisdiction: Compensation amounts can vary based on the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where the lawsuit is filed. Some jurisdictions may have caps on damages or different rules for calculating compensation.

It is essential for asbestos victims or their families to consult with an experienced asbestos attorney who specializes in handling such cases. These attorneys can assess the individual circumstances of the victim, gather evidence, and advocate for fair compensation on their behalf.

Keep in mind that there is no fixed or standard amount of money that all asbestos victims receive. Each case is unique, and compensation is determined based on the specific circumstances and the outcome of the legal process.

Can My Spouse Get Compensation for Secondhand Exposure?

If your spouse worked for a railroad company and is now showing signs of asbestos exposure, you might be eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds due to household asbestos exposure. During the time when asbestos was prevalent, many spouses were inadvertently exposed while handling their significant other’s laundry. In certain instances, spouses of railroad workers may even suffer more severe damage from this exposure as they worked in enclosed spaces while handling the contaminated clothing worn by their asbestos-exposed spouses.

If you are married to an individual who was employed by a railroad company before 1982 and have developed an asbestos-related disease, we encourage you to reach out to our law office today. Our experienced attorneys can assess your situation, guide you through the legal process, and help you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to as a result of secondhand asbestos exposure. Contact us for a consultation to understand your options and rights in seeking rightful compensation and to file a trust find claim.

Free Asbestos Exposure Consultation in United States

At Sammons & Berry, P.C. we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, so you can discuss the facts of your case without paying for anything upfront. Asbestos trusts claims do not require a lawsuit, depositions, or courtrooms. The process is simple and easy for the client and should not require any stressful legal confrontations for the client. The law firm handles all of the claims for the client, helping you maximize your compensation.

We do not accept any payments from our clients until they receive compensation. We charge on a contingent fee basis, which means you pay a percentage of what you get paid in your claim. If we are unable to collect anything for you, there is no cost to you.

Call (800) 519-1440 to speak with a Sammons and Berry, P.C. representative and start your journey towards compensation.

Wrongful Death Claims For Families of Asbestos Victims

If you have lost someone in your family due to the harmful exposure of asbestos, you may be entitled to compensation. If you can provide the work history and a death certificate for your loved one, our attorneys can help you file an asbestos claim. We understand how difficult this process can be, this is why we work with you every step of the way to help you get the money you deserve. Reach out to our team today to learn more about filing a claim for a family member.


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