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At Sammons & Berry, P.C., our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to assisting retired railroad workers throughout the United States in seeking financial compensation for the time they spent working in environments contaminated with asbestos. Asbestos, a hazardous substance, has been scientifically linked to severe and life-threatening illnesses that arise when it is either inhaled or ingested. Notably, asbestos was commonly used within the railroad industry. Those who were employed in this sector, as well as their spouses, may be eligible for compensation, particularly if their employment predated 1982.


Understanding Asbestos

Asbestos constitutes a group of minerals characterized by distinct, elongated, and separable fibers. These minute fibers are visible only under a microscope. When these fibers become disturbed and suspended in the air, they pose a significant inhalation risk. The medical community has unequivocally identified asbestos as a potent threat to human health due to its potential to induce cancers and other respiratory ailments. Although we are all exposed to trace amounts of asbestos in the atmosphere, the risk of asbestos-related disorders escalates when individuals encounter high concentrations of asbestos, endure prolonged exposures, or encounter the substance frequently. The interval between substantial asbestos inhalation and the manifestation of adverse health effects can span over 30 years or more.


Routes of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure primarily occurs through the following pathways:


Inhalation: The majority of exposures stem from inhaling airborne asbestos fibers. This occurs during activities such as asbestos mining, manufacturing products containing asbestos, and installing asbestos insulation. Additionally, exposure can transpire during the demolition or renovation of older structures or when aging asbestos-containing materials deteriorate, releasing airborne fibers. In these scenarios, asbestos particles can be inhaled, with some reaching the lung’s small airways or even penetrating the pleura—the outer lining of the lungs and chest wall.


Ingestion: Asbestos fibers can also be ingested, often occurring when contaminated food or liquids are consumed (for instance, water flowing through asbestos cement pipes). In certain cases, individuals who have inhaled asbestos fibers may subsequently cough them up and swallow them along with saliva.


Natural Exposure: Many individuals experience low-level exposure to naturally occurring asbestos in outdoor air, originating from eroded rock formations. Areas with higher asbestos content in rocks are at a greater risk. Water sources can also carry asbestos, entering through erosion, corrosion of asbestos-containing pipes, or the breakdown of asbestos-containing roofing materials that find their way into the sewage system after rainfall.


Notably, individuals with the heaviest exposure to asbestos are those who have been employed in industries involving asbestos.


Moreover, the family members of asbestos workers can also face significant exposure. Asbestos fibers can adhere to workers’ clothing and be transported home, where they may be inhaled by other household members.


Empowering Compensation Recovery

Our legal firm has played a pivotal role in facilitating compensation for numerous victims of asbestos exposure. This same dedicated service is now extended to the spouses of our existing clients who seek recompense for their exposure to this hazardous substance.


Spouses of individuals affected by asbestos may have also encountered exposure due to microscopic asbestos fibers adhering to the clothing of their working partners. In some instances, a spouse’s lung damage may surpass that of the actual worker, potentially attributed to the laundering of contaminated garments within confined spaces.


If you are a current client and your spouse laundered your work attire before 1981, we are here to collaborate with you in assessing your eligibility for compensation from asbestos trust funds.


Complimentary Consultation on Asbestos Exposure in the United States


At Sammons & Berry, P.C., we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, allowing you to openly discuss the specifics of your situation without incurring any upfront expenses. Asbestos trust claims circumvent the need for lawsuits, depositions, or courtroom proceedings. This streamlined process is designed to alleviate stress for the client and is handled entirely by our legal team, ensuring the optimization of your compensation.


We operate on a contingent fee basis, meaning we only accept payments from clients once they have received compensation. In the event that we are unable to secure compensation on your behalf, there are no charges incurred.


To embark on your journey toward compensation, connect with a representative from Sammons and Berry, P.C. by dialing (800) 519-1440.


Pursuing Wrongful Death Claims for Families of Asbestos Victims


If your family has suffered the loss of a loved one due to asbestos exposure, you may be eligible for compensation. By providing the work history and a death certificate of the deceased individual, our proficient attorneys can guide you through the process of filing an asbestos claim. We understand the emotional challenges associated with this endeavor, which is why we are devoted to offering comprehensive support throughout every stage of the process, ensuring you receive the rightful compensation you deserve. Reach out to our dedicated team today to gain a deeper understanding of how to initiate a claim on behalf of a family member.


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