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Are you one of the thousands of Americans who worked closely with asbestos and asbestos containing products while being employed by a railroad company? If so, our asbestos lawyers serving Memphis TN want to hear from you.

Our law firm has spent decades helping individuals who worked with this toxic material gain compensation from the companies that knowingly put their health at risk. Whether you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease or not, our team would like to learn more about the time you spent working with this product. 

We make the process of recovering money simple for you. Get compensated for your pain and suffering without ever having to file a lawsuit or go to court. Contact our law firm today to learn more about how our award winning asbestos attorneys can get you the money you deserve for the time you spent exposed to asbestos.

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Railroad Asbestos Lawyer Memphis TN

The dangers effects of asbestos exposure were deliberately covered up by the manufacturers of this product for decades at the expense of millions of Americans. Due to the selfish and harmful actions taken by these companies, judges and juries across the country worked together to make these companies financially responsible for helping those who were affected. There is currently over $30 billion dollars sitting in asbestos trusts waiting for victims of exposure.

If you worked for a railroad company before 1982 and have developed an asbestosis-related disease, our railroad asbestos lawyers working in Memphis, TN want to help you. We make it easy to file for the money you are owed, without entering into a lawsuit or ever having to make a court appearance.

Our law firm only accepts payment if we are able to recover compensation from these trusts for you. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family get the money you deserve.

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Asbestos companies have paid claimants more than $18 billion since the late 1980s.


We work with you to minimize paperwork, stress, and wait time as much as possible.


We specialize in helping railroad workers and their loved ones maximize their compensation

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Railroad Mesothelioma Lawyer Memphis, TN

There is no amount of asbestos exposure that is completely safe, however, individuals who worked for extended periods of time with this material have increased risk of developing an asbestos-related disease such as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a life-threatening illness that primarily impacts the lining of the lungs but can affect other locations of the body. If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with this disease, our railroad mesothelioma lawyers working in Memphis, TN want to hear from you. We have more than 30 years of experience helping individuals gain compensation for their injuries. If you have lost a member of your family from mesothelioma you may also qualify for compensation but you will need to act quickly as time is limited.

Railroad Workers and At-Risk Jobs

Were you an employee of a railroad company before the year 1982? Have you experienced difficulties breathing or developed an asbestos-related illness since the time of your employment? If so, our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Railroad Colon Cancer Lawyer Memphis, TN

Asbestos is harmful to many parts of the body beyond the lungs and respiratory system. In fact, the effects of asbestos exposure have even been linked to the development of colon cancer. When microscopic asbestos fibers enter the body, through ingestion or inhalation, they are able to travel throughout the digestive tract.

Some asbestos fibers may make their way out of the body, while other fibers can become trapped and embed themselves into tissue permanently. Embedded fibers are unnatural, causing inflammation and can over time turn to cancer. If you were a railroad worker before 1982 and have since been diagnosed with colon cancer, the team at Sammons and Berry P.C. wants to help you. Our railroad colon cancer lawyers working in Memphis, TN work with individuals and their families to file asbestos claims for compensation. Call us today to learn more about your options moving forward.

Railroad Lung Cancer Lawyer Memphis, TN

Asbestos products had many different applications in the railroad industry because of the material’s low cost and strong resistance to heat. Employees that were exposed to asbestos in these environments are at risk for developing many serious health conditions, including lung cancer.

If you or someone in your family worked for the railroad industry before 1982 and has since developed cancer, our railroad lung cancer lawyers working in Memphis, TN want to help you. We work with our clients to file an asbestos claim and get compensation for their injuries. If someone in your family has passed away from lung cancer after working for the railroad, compensation may still be available but time is a factor. Reach out to our team today to learn more about your options moving forward and to get the compensation you deserve for the exposure you endured.

Need An Asbestos Trust Fund Lawyer?

Working with our experienced asbestos trust fund lawyers can help you to maximize the compensation you receive. We understand the specific criteria for each trust and make it simple for you to discover which trusts you qualify for.

Railroad Stomach Cancer Lawyer Memphis, TN

Stomach cancer is one of the many serious diseases that has been linked to asbestos exposure. This is because individuals who worked with asbestos inhaled and ingested microscopic fibers that then became trapped in their bodies.

Cancer linked to asbestos exposure can take several decades to develop and many times individuals living with these conditions do not realize compensation may be available to them. Our railroad stomach cancer lawyers working in Memphis, TN can help you learn more about which asbestos trusts you qualify for and handle the paperwork for you. We make it simple for those who have been affected by asbestos exposure to maximize their compensation without lawsuits or court appearances. Contact us today to learn more about the money available to you and your family.

Railroad Throat Cancer Lawyer Memphis, TN

If you or someone in your family worked in the railroad industry before 1982 and have since been diagnosed with throat cancer, you may qualify for compensation. This is because asbestos exposure has been linked to many cancers, including throat cancer.

Cancers related to exposure can take more than 30 years to develop, which makes it difficult for some individuals to make the connection to their time working with asbestos. The good news is our team specializes in helping railroad workers get compensation for the injuries and illnesses they have suffered as a result of their exposure. Our railroad throat cancer lawyers working in Memphis, TN are here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about the compensation available to you and your family.

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